What’s the future for digital marketing?

In all the posts I have shared with you throughout the semester I have discussed the current digital trends that surround us. As my last post, I thought it would be most appropriate to talk about the predicted future of digital marketing, especially in the retail industry. Digital Marketing has increased immensely in the past 10 years so it would be crazy to reveal what there is to come.

Digital marketing is the future. It has already effected the traditional way of marketing new products as industries have been forced to comply with trends to remain competitive. Look at the use of catalogues. How often do we see catalogue’s in shops as compared to say 10 years ago? Catalogue subscriptions are also rare. People rely on technology to browse through products rather than an old fashioned catalogue. Online shopping is increasing as well as mobile dependency. People are getting busier, lives are getting crazier but shopping becomes easier through online shopping. It’s now unusual to not own a mobile phone, to not know how to use a computer. Technology is our livelihood and being in touch with people through these devices is part of an everyday activity.

So what’s the future?

Online Shopping

Online shopping has become part of consumer’s behaviour and is expected to grow, forcing retailers to comply to survive in the industry (PWC, 2012). Online shopping in 2012 was anticipated to reach $16b which is equal to 6.3% of retail sales. It is also expected that growth will continue, attaining 26.9b by 2016 (PWC, 2012). Firms are recognising opportunities of selling straight to customers via digital channels. This is identified by big brands such as Sony and Apple whom offer competitively priced deals, exclusive products and customised options through this strategy (PWC,2012). People a becoming more busy and finding convenience in online shopping more each day and it is only expected that this will increase in the future.

Social media shopping

Most of the time when we mention ‘online shopping’ we assume websites, the future will allow consumers to shop through social media platforms too. As social media becomes part of the majorities everyday routine so will the ability to shop whilst navigating news feeds on social media sites. Systems such as ‘Like2Buy’ which was mentioned in my previous post is just the start of a phenomenon where it is a normality to shop online through social media. url-1

Twitter has also introduced its first commerce product called ‘Twitter Commerce’, where it provides a “Buy” button on mobile (Ha, 2014). Facebook has also incorporated a “Shop Now” button on pages which redirects you to the brands website to shop. As leading social media platforms begin to implement these new functions within their sites it’s only expected that they will continue to grow as they attempt to gain competitive advantage over each other. The convenience in social media shopping will be one of the largest factors which will take digital marketing to a whole new level. This will give consumers constant exposure to new products every moment they open their news feeds.

Mobile Marketing

Did you know that in America alone 171.5 million people (71%) own mobile devices? Most of which are part of Generation Y where 85% own smart phones (Neilson, 2014). This is just a factor that shows how mobile phones are ‘…the staple of everyday life…’ Regardless of what part of the world, the reality is that mobile phones are the future. Especially due to the fact that Generation Y are known to be tech savvy and are essentially the future which will further influence all. As mentioned before, it’s unusual for people to not own a mobile phone. It has become a norm, and will continue to do so.


Remember when people said it was crazy to have a camera and a phone in one? Well, now I’m telling you, in the upcoming years, we’ll be saying, ‘Remember when people said it was crazy to shop through facebook? Remember when people said that not everyone owns a phone?’. Online shopping, Social media shopping and mobile marketing are going to be three of the main trends of digital marketing, especially in the retail industry.

What are your thoughts? Would you agree that these will be the three of the major trends for the future of digital marketing in the retail industry?

Check out these links that were used throughout the post if you’re interested about mobile dependency and want to know more about the future of retailing!

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retailing: http://www.pwc.com.au/industry/retail-consumer/assets/Digital-Media-Paper-Jul12.pdf


‘Ready to drive revenue from Instagram?’

Have you ever been scrolling on Instagram and you see a post with something you wouldn’t mind buying them? I do that on a daily basis, although the searching process just seems like too much of an effort for me so I forget about it. But that’s me personally.

Can you imagine how many people are the same? Can you imagine how many profits a company could have driven by making the ability to purchase that item posted more accessible? Well, our prayers have been answered and Curalate has responded to the needs of Instagram lovers because there is a system where you can be redirected to the check out simply from a tap on your Instagram! It’s called Like2Buy!

Like2Buy is a system linked to Instagram which allows you to browse, like and buy; enabling shoppers to shop simply through a tap (Curalate, 2015). Through this link, Instagramers can shop whilst navigating! The system allows you to make a profile through your Instagram, creating a personalised gallery of everything that you’ve bought through Like2Buy (Curalate, 2015). This system only began last year, so companies are slowly getting involved with the site. 

Screen shot 2015-05-22 at 10.50.29 AM

Target is one of the first adopters of this new way of online shopping. All photos posted to Instagram by Target are linked Like2Buy, allowing followers to browse as usual. Difference being, when the photo is ‘tapped’; which usually symbolises a like, it connects to the Target website and continues to checkout. Target began this system last year when consumers kept asking sales assistants where particular items were which were posted on Instagram (Tode, 2014). This system is a clever way to save time when looking online as well as being a more easier way to navigate for items desired.

Screen shot 2015-05-22 at 11.52.54 AM

The retail environment is changing continuously globally, one of the biggest changes is the use of online shopping (Productivity Commission, 2011) and the increased use of social media. Putting the two elements together, it is expected that online shopping and mobile device dependency will continue to increase and online shopping through social media will further develop as we become more technologically advanced globally.


Other than communities advancement in technology, generation Y (people aged between 18-25) have made an impact on online presence and social media as we are known as the ‘digital natives.’ The underlying assumption is that this technology savvy demographic will influence the next generations, indicating a growth in the use of social media platforms.

Most people are already interactive in some sense, whether it be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and the many more to choose from. Most would assume that Facebook would be leading as they have the most amount of users, although  Forester statistics, 2014 states that the rate of engagement for Instagram is 4.21%, which is 58 and 120 times more engaging than Facebook and Twitter, indicating how this program could really make a major effect to maximising sales for companies through social media. 

I believe that Curalate have introduced a fantastic product by combining online shopping and social media in such a clever and strategic way. They have incorporated a new way of digital marketing which is only bound for success!

What are your thoughts? Do you agree that this is a great form of digital marketing and consumer engagement?

Check out their site! http://www.curalate.com/solutions/like2buy/


Tode, Chantel. (2014). Target, Nordstorm boost mcommerce with shoppable Instagram images. Mobile Commerce Daily.


Productivity Commission. (2011). Economic Structure and Performance of the Australian Retail Industry.


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More than just awareness…

This week, I finally handed in a critical analysis essay on Zara for Strategic Management. It’s fair to say I feel fantastic knowing that I never have to hand in an assignment for that subject again. Whilst researching the brand, I came across the article ‘Customer loyalty through social networks: Lessons from Zara on Facebook,’ which gave some great insights about Facebook and how much more it does; other than brand awareness. I’ve always thought of Facebook as a way for businesses to just get the name out there, but Zara shows a whole other perspective which I thought was worth sharing.

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 7.25.40 PMThrough promoting your business on social media sites such as Facebook you are essentially sharing to billions of Facebook users. You are putting your business out there and raising awareness on one of the largest social networks in the world. By taking advantage of this, business’ can do more than that! Through interaction about the brand on the social media platform, the brand can ultimately improve customer satisfaction and strengthen client relations which are two major drivers of loyalty (Gamboa & Concalves, 2014).

So, the question is:

How do businesses create customer loyalty through social media?

According to the article, “…simply having a presence is not sufficient.’ The answer is Web 2.0. Everyone wants to have an opinion, have their say and make a difference. They want to interact and be a part of something and for business’ to create a customer loyalty in a different way it should be done through the use of Web 2.0. What is Web 2.0? Best description would be the technological components supplied which enables social media, including generated content and the creation of a virtual community. The community does not always have to be through Facebook, it can be achieved through:

    • Blogs
    • Social networks eg. Twitter, Instagram
    • Communities
    • Forums (Mentioned in my previous post about Apple)
    • Content aggregators

Web 2.0 opens a whole new world for consumers! It wasn’t long ago when consumers could only communicate with brands by going in store, making a phone call or sending a letter (Gamboa & Concalves, 2014). Consumers can now, at a click of a button be exposed and make comments about a brand and be part of a community.

Screen shot 2015-05-06 at 7.24.57 PMIn the case of Zara their posts are endless. When scrolling on their Facebook page you can see how the posts are around 10 hours a part, which makes sure that if someone has liked their page theywill more than likely have Zara come up on their screen! The best aspect that I saw on the Facebook page is how Zara actually reply to their customers.They show their customers that they make the effort to interact and how the brand is loyal to their customers. It’s clear through their large numbers of likes, comments and shares on their posts also that consumers are willing and dedicated to interact also.

In my opinion, Zara is a great example of a successful brand on Facebook and should be used for an example for all business’. It makes me wonder, if Zara can get this much exposure and customer loyalty for their brand through their interaction on Facebook, it would be crazy to see how well Apple would go as they pretty much have customer loyalty and exposure down pat. 


Gamboa, A., & Goncalves, H. (2014). Customer loyalty through social networks: Lessons from Zara on Facebook. Business Horizons. Vol.57


So, digital marketing and Apple. Some may say, ‘No’ they don’t get involved through digital marketing and some may tend to disagree. Well, I’m here to clear it up. Apple does not have an official Facebook, Twitter or Youtube account, although many fans tend to make them; clearly due to their passion for the brand which Apple has established through the distribution and production of these AMAZING products. Apple themselves haven’t contributed to common social media sites, although they have still contributed to this form of digital promotion through their application and website.

The Application allows consumers to shop for apple products and accessories, browse trending products, read reviews on products, check out upcoming events and make reservations for genius bar or workshops. Through the use of this app, Apple provides consumers with the ability to see Apple’s new products as well as make their own content through providing reviews and opinions about Apple’s products.

Screen shot 2015-05-05 at 8.54.15 PMThe Website, like the app, advertisers new product, which provides links to every product that is available for sale along with highlighting their features and benefits. The website also has a support page which allows consumers to access apple support communities all around the world which helps consumers find answers, ask new questions, keep up to date with activity stream, award points, browse helpful community content, use advance search features and buy online. Therefore Apple provides its own media platform for consumers to contribute through their forums on their site. Apple ultimately creates a community of which consumers know they can go to for questions about Apple products.

Therefore Apple makes there own “social media platforms,” as theyScreen shot 2015-05-05 at 8.54.05 PM provide their app and website which involves a range of features that of which contain characteristics of social media. This is evident through the ability to ‘Join the conversation’ with people all over the world through forums on the website as well as read consumer reviews. Thus, no, Apple doesn’t contribute to social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube directly, but they contribute to this method of media through their own personal sites.

What are your thoughts?

Do you agree that Apple’s exposure on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are caused from Apple’s initial ability to create an Apple community – even though Apple didn’t make the pages themselves?

Do you think that Apple’s contribution of it’s own application and website would be considered a form of digital marketing as it advertisers and encourages interaction through forums?

Could it be a possibility that Apple haven’t become directly involved with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to prove that they can create their own speculation, and to demonstrate a higher class of electronics?

Hope I’ve got you all thinking! 😉

Youtube advertising is driving me insane!!

I would like to know how many people willingly open a YouTube video and want to watch an ad every-single time!

Like most students I am a fantastic procrastinator! I could lie in bed legitimately all day just watching video after video of anything and everything. Whether it be comedy videos, music videos, interviews, whatever. These days, as uni work piles up I find I’m on YouTube even more; just trying to waste time because writing an essay really isn’t that appealing compared to watching countless music videos of Beyonce` over the years.

Recently I found a way to stop this problem. I haven’t exactly tried it yet, but it’s next on the ‘to do list.’ Thimgres-1e site it called ‘OrgSpring’. The site it a non profit organisation which provides tag tips and tutorials to increase your online presence. It also includes websites, social media, online donations, applications, data bases and more. The best thing it does according to me is allow you to turn off advertisements before all your YouTube video. Finally I have found a way!

Does anyone else agree that YouTube ad’s can be annoying and time wasting? Do you think that because most people find continuous ad’s annoying that this form of digital marketing isn’t as effective? What do you think of OrgSpring’s tactic to stop YouTube ad’s?

Check out the link to find out how to rid of advertisements before your favourite YouTube videos! 

Screen shot 2015-04-20 at 8.49.48 PM


The video will give you a step by step tutorial on how to change the settings on your YouTube account to avoid watching those annoying ad’s before any video! 

‘Turn everyday shopping into rewards just for you.’

In the retail industry today, old fashioned marketing just isn’t doing the trick. Forcing business’ to create more websites, Mobile Applications, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and various other forms of social media. As some may know Myer has not had a strong couple of years and their results have not been as successful as previous years. So now, Myer is trying something new. Other than the Website, Facebook page, Twitter and Instagram account they’ve introduced The Myer One App.IMG_1910

Myer one is a free rewards system that Myer runs to encourage shoppers to shop. It allows consumers to earn rewards and points by simply purchasing Myer products. Members receive 2 shopping credits for every dollar spent, and when you’ve earned 2000 shopping credits you receive a $20 Gift Card.

The Myer One App allows you to log in with your card details and keep track of how many points you have accumulated. It notifies you of when your next card is due to be delivered and when you’re vouchers will be sent to you. It is packed with new features which will allow you to experience shopping with Myer in a different way. Being a Myer One member myself, I believe this is a great way to encourage consumers to spend more as every time they purchase something they would want to look at their app and see how many more points they’ve got to their next voucher. Because lets face it, who doesn’t like a voucher?

The app allows cons11145969_994441387234655_529992758_numers to make reviews, which include both positive and negative features about the app. Such reviews are also included on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. The ability for consumers to easily access such feedback gives Myer credibility as they are not advertising how good they are; instead allowing consumers to make their own judgement.

Through introducing the Myer One App, Myer has allowed shoppers to more easily have access to their Myer One details instead of having to ring or ask at the counter about how many points they have. The app is a good way to access a younger market as well. Although app’s are used by a wide range of users, the app will encourage younger customers to sign up to the database as younger customers are known to be more involved with technology.

How many of you are members? What are your thoughts on the Myer One App? Do you agree that this is a great way for Myer to update themselves and keep up with technology and digital marketing? Do you think that the app is a good way to attract younger customers to get involved with the Myer One membership?

Secret Societa – ‘Sip yourself skinny.’

Secret Societa is an online based company which comprises of a range of cleansing, detoxifying and weight loss teas. I found the site whilst scrolling through Instagram attempting to find a motivation site for weight loss. I’ve been following them for about a year now and have been extremely motivated by their encouraging posts, healthy food ideas and success stories.IMG_1825

For many women, keeping in shape and creating an ideal body for yourself is a goal. I know from experience. I also know from experience that keeping on track is not the easiest either.

Secret societa digitally market their product in a different way. Which is what I love about it. It’s not about marketing the product and trying to get more sales. It’s more about encouragement and reminding women that they are beautiful as well as providing tips to become your better, healthy self.

Through this tactic I find following the business more interesting. I want to see the next success story, new ideas for exercises and foods. It’s evident through their large amount of followers on Instagram (29.1K) that people are interested and aware of their brand. To have that many followers…they’d have to be doing something right.  And honestly, after I blog this, I’m going to order a 2 week supply to try. I hear it’s only $25 and shipping is free at the moment.

I believe that Secret Societa’s way of digitally marketing their product is very clever. Their laid back approach to advertising, encouragement and interaction with their followers really becomes an effective way for thScreen shot 2015-03-31 at 1.26.08 PMem to become more exposed and market their brand.

Have a look at their Instagram (@secretsocieta) and their site (http://www.secretsocietea.com/). What are your thoughts? Do you think this form of digital marketing is effective?